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Our online system allows for a self-service environment to access and control your employee payroll information.
With our,
you have “The On-Line Solution” for payroll entry plus access to reports and employee data 24/7.
Direct log-in from any desktop with internet access
Quick entry of hours
Labor Distribution and Job Costing available
Report hours or dollar amounts for earnings, deductions and reimbursements
Ability to submit payroll by department, location or alphabetically
Reports available online include these and much more:
Check register
Invoice and check stub information
Employee master report
Total Compensation costs by employee
Accrual information
View payroll earnings and deduction details
Tax withholding settings and year-to-date data
Employment profile and personal information
Benefits Information (including dependents)
Employee changes can be made online
You have access to adding your new hire information online
Employee Access is also available online:
View personal information and employee data
Benefits information and accrual balances
Pay stub information available
Personal information changes can be made online
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