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Q: Do I lose control over my payroll, leave accounting and benefit processing functions?

No, Payroll Solutions holds no management authority over these administrative functions. Our staff performs these functions only at the approval of the clients Human Resource and/or management personnel.

Q: How can I be sure the Payroll Solutions will perform these administrative functions as I have instructed?

When a client joins Payroll Solutions, there is a transition process. During the transition period, meetings are held between the client and Payroll Solutions staff to review and document distinctive characteristics about the client. Client-specific processing information is shared and required authorizations are documented and included in the clients’ transition documentation. During the transition period, the Payroll Solutions process overview is reviewed so that the client will know exactly what to expect from us.

Q: Does Payroll Solutions charge participating clients for their services?

All participating clients are subject to Payroll Solutions competitive processing fee.

Q: Do I have to change any of my internal forms, such as leave slips, deduction authorizations, etc?

No, Payroll Solutions will adapt to whatever forms are currently in use by you as long as the existing forms include all required information for transaction processing.

Q: May I use Payroll Solutions for temporary relief due to staff attrition or loss of human resources?

Yes, Payroll Solutions can take over processing a payroll for a temporary timeframe.

Q: What’s involved in switching from another payroll service bureau to Payroll Solutions?

Provide us with the most recent reports you’ve received from your prior service along with any changes/additions and we do the rest. We will let you know immediately of any discrepancies we may find.

Q: How does Payroll Solutions meet the unique payroll needs of my company?

Payroll Solutions is entirely flexible and can adapt to your special requirements. We work with you to identify these areas and offer a full range of custom reports or the ability for you to write your own reports.

Q: How do I submit my payroll?

There are several methods available. You may fax, e-mail, or use our Client Tool Kit (CTK) to provide your payroll information to us. Payroll Solutions also has a time and attendance system (Swipeclock) that interfaces with our payroll software to collect and upload your employees’ hours.

Q: Does Payroll Solutions prepare and submit Federal and State tax returns to the appropriate agencies?

Yes, payroll Solutions will make all of your tax payments for you as well as prepare and file all quarterly and year end tax documents. We relieve you of all the hassles associated with this function and provide you a “company package” at the end of each quarter for your records.
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