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Employee Benefits
Thank you for your consideration of Payroll Solutions. We are excited about the possibility of working with you and your company and we are very confident that you will find our services to be a valuable asset to your business. As you know, one of the most critical factors that will contribute to the long-term success of your business is your ability to attract and retain the best employees. You also know that this can be a very challenging endeavor.

Payroll Solutions understands that providing competitive and accurate pay is only part of the equation to acquiring and obtaining valued employees. Another important component of the equation is benefit offerings. That is why Payroll Solutions has made a commitment to make available to our clients “Fortune 500” style benefit packages that you can offer to your existing and prospective employees. We understand that it can be difficult to compete in a competitive marketplace when it comes to attracting the best people. Payroll Solutions can assist in leveling the playing field for you by giving you access to benefit packages that will enable you to compete head-to-head with any company when it comes to employee benefits.

Payroll Solutions has teamed up with strategic partners to provide our clients access to tailored benefit packages to meet our clients’ specific needs. Whether you’re considering a comprehensive medical plan or a retirement plan (401K), Payroll Solutions can be extremely instrumental in helping you obtain exactly what you need without you having to do extensive leg work. Below are just some of the benefits our clients have obtained with our assistance.
Medical Plan
Dental Plan
Vision Care
401(K) Retirement Plan
Supplemental Insurances
Medical Reimbursement (FSA)
Supplemental Life Insurance
Voluntary Benefit Plans
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