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Human Resources
Payroll Solutions understands the burdens of employee administration, in effort to help alleviate some of our clients’ stress in this area, we offer packages and ale carte HR services. Below is just a sample of the array of HR services that we offer to our clients.
Employee Handbook Creation
Market Wage and Salary Analysis
Assistance with Offer of Employment Letters
We help our clients get their new employees to work quickly by performing pre-screening measures:
Pre-employment Background Searches
Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing
Pre-employment Personality Assessments (on-line)
Payroll Solutions provide the needed reports to support effective Workers Compensation Audits. Not having accurate payroll information for workers comp audits can create unnecessary expenses and erroneous premiums. Payroll Solutions help alleviates the consequences tied to inaccurate payroll information by providing our clients with timely and readily available data and reports.
Effectively linking employee activities with organizational goals is the foundation of performance management. Payroll Solutions provides access to the expertise needed to create a systematic performance management program that tracks individual performance against organizational objectives.
Customized Performance Appraisal Programs
Job Descriptions
Understanding your employees and establishing effective communication strategies is critical in creating synergy and long-term relationships. Payroll Solutions can support you in optimizing your human capital through implementing measures that motivate, support, and reinforce your workforce.
Reward and Recognition Programs
Employee Opinion Surveys
Corporate Culture (defining and shaping)
Personality and Behavioral Assessments
Offering a competitive compensation package is vital to the success and growth of any organization. Payroll Solutions offers assistance to its clients for the tailoring of a comprehensive compensation package that balances market competitiveness with cost containment.
Wage and Benefit Analysis
Compensation Plan Development
Executive Compensation Strategies
Incentive Pay Plans
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